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Guilin Rubber Machinery gets "National Innovation Enterprise" award

来源: GRM

Guilin Rubber Machinery (GRM) has invested heavily in technology and staff training and has promoted innovation in recent years. And, in May 2011, it received the National Innovative Enterprise award, as a member of the third group of winners.

GRM considers innovation to be of major importance and readily accepts new assignments as a way to innovate, for innovation-driven development. So, much of its effort goes into restructuring its economic development mode, to turn GRM into a market-oriented powerhouse that combines both research and production.   

GRM is a National Patent Demonstration Unit (in patents) and has made great progress in its innovations by focusing on originality and introducing new technical-know-how. GRM also works hard on patent protection to keep its technology safe and sound.

In 2010, GRM submitted 31 patent applications, four of them for inventions, with 14 approved, one as an invention -- a record high in company history. As of Dec 31, 2010, GRM had submitted 127 applications in all, 95 of them granted, six for inventions, and 89 as utility model, putting it among the tops in the chemical industry.

Also, in 2010, it won the “Technologically Innovative Demonstration Enterprise", "Guangxi Staff Innovation Demonstration Unit", and “Advanced Scientific and Technologically Innovative Enterprise" awards. And, its key vulcanizer technology took 2nd place at the Guangxi Science and Technology Advancement awards, and 1st place at the Guilin Science and Technology Advancement awards. It's radial tire molding machine also got 1st place at the Guilin Science and Technology Advancement awards.

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