Corporate Culture

Philosophy: strive for excellence and create value for society

Company Culture:

Science and Technology: be market-oriented, and give technological innovation a leading role, with scientific management as the base.

Safety: cherish life, love life, never profit at the cost of a life

Quality: apply the best global standards, starting with details, and win customers with the best quality

Marketing: the customer comes first, and marketing is integrated

Operations: strict, careful, pragmatic, quick, and persevering

Talent: integrity is the first and foremost; make full use of everyone’s talent

Cost: cost-effective management, higher incomes, and reduced expenditures

Team building: pull together, work as a team

Performance: be results-oriented, based on facts, numbers, and merits

Innovation: adopt a new perspective, new thinking, and new measures; encourage, tolerate, and promote innovation

Crisis management: identify risks, and turn a crisis into an opportunity

Efficiency: have a goal and a plan for every job, every plan completed on schedule, draw a lesson from every experience, and sum it up

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