1.  Strategic Positioning

Our strategic positioning is characterized by the phrase “new science, new future”, where our guiding principle is scientific development and the thread of development is structural adjustment. We use scientific management practices and science and technology as a solid foundation for development and continue to change the pattern and quality of our development to make it sustainable.

Our plans call for increased annual vulcanizer production to 800 to 1,000 units, with the hydraulic vulcanizer accounting for at least 50 percent, and for a dominant share of the domestic market and exports. We will do this will by consolidating our resources, cutting costs, and increasing efficiency and research and development at the technology center. The business will expand from tire to rubber products and other applications into the chemical machinery market and rubber machinery and technology services and we’ll use our existing resources to develop extruder, injection, and other types of plastic machinery, and explore the general machinery field to improve competitiveness.

2. Guiding Principles

Strategy: become a world-leader in the rubber machinery services business

Philosophy: strive for excellence and create value for society

Management practices: innovative, careful, pragmatic, quick, and persevering

Development outlook: constant improvement with scientific development

Worker safety: cherish life, love life

View of talent: integrity comes first and foremost, make full use of everyone’s ability

Operations: scientific management principles will provide a foundation, while scientific, technological innovation and marketing will play a leading in expanding our domestic and overseas markets, while we develop the chemical machinery market get into the rubber machinery business and technological services, and explore the general machinery field to increase competitiveness and sustain development.

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