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GRM’s 12th work conference

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Guilin Rubber Machinery (GRM) held the 3rd Session of its 12th Work Conference, Feb 21- 22, 2012 to review 2011’s work and to discuss the strategy for the coming year.

The morning of the 21st, Zhou Baochuan, GRM’s deputy executive director, in addressing the gathering, said that although 2011 saw a lot of sluggish growth, GRM managed to survive and even thrive, with the help of clients and business partners. This was possible, Zhou explained, because the staff members concentrated on improving product quality and made sure there was an influx of orders, that payments were made on time, and that costs were cut. Last year, GRM’s revenues 6 billion yuan and exports exceeded 10 million dollars for the fourth consecutive year. It also got the" National Innovative Enterprise" award, a "5.1 Labor Certificate", and the “Guangxi Harmonious Enterprises" award for its excellent performance.

Bo Renping, GRM’s deputy director, followed up with a report on its total output and fixed asset investments, in 2011, and the draft of a plan for 2012, with the understanding that this will be given further consideration.

That afternoon, the representatives organized themselves in groups to discuss this and make proposals.

The morning of the 22nd, Zhou fielded questions from the representatives and asked the labor union and administration to get advice from the representatives and put their suggestions into practice.

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