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Guilin Rubber Machinery transformation project gets go-ahead

来源: 中国化工集团

A transformation project for the Vulcanizer 5000 Assembly Shop passed acceptance check on Aug 17, 2012. This plant, which has a floor area of 3,100 square meters, opened on Nov 18, 2008 and was ready for production on May 10, 2009, giving Guilin Rubber Machinery a productive and assembly capacity for large vulcanizers and super-tire molding machines, providing a good foundation for market expansion.

In April 2008, this plant signed an R&D and sales contract on the world’s largest (200″) tire molding vulcanizer with a prominent foreign company. The export value exceeded 100 million yuan. This product broke down a technological barrier and filled an industrial gap, making a significant contribution to the vulcanizer business.

A new assembly shop was established in the original plant, on a more than 3,100-sq-m space at a cost of more than 20 million yuan. The new production equipment includes cranes that can handle 50-ton and 125-ton loads, for the production line for the 5000 vulcanizers.

From May 2009 to May 2012, this Plant assembled 34 large specification vulcanizers (above 100 in.), with a pass rate of 100 percent, with sales valued at 300 million yuan, and profit of more than 40 million. In 2012, the plant signed contracts on the super-tire vulcanizer and molding equipment with many large Chinese and foreign companies valued at more than 200 million yuan. It is estimated that this plant could produce 8~15 large vulcanizers annually, with sales of 100 million yuan.

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