Tire Vulcanizing Equipment

Giant Bias Tire Building Machine Series


一、Main uses

Used in the manufacturing of various giant bias truck and OTR tires.


LC-G2435 、LC-G3351、LC-G4957、LC-G5763

三、Main features

1. Band expander uses China’s first synchronous disk structure, with 18 synchronous claws that ensure smooth pull of the band without deformation.

2. Uses an imported motor that operates smoothly.

3. Main shaft uses imported long-life bearings.

4. Hydraulic pressure station is imported and is leak-free.

5. Uses PLC, operator-machine interface and touch screen technology for setting and display of various parameters and program modifications; the back press roller has a proportional valve that can set different lamination pressure.

6. Axial and radial rotation of back press roller uses inverter drive to control speed and position precisely.

7.Uses A/D, D/A modules for speed tracking and control.

8. Uses multifunction controller for easy, flexible operations.

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