Tire Vulcanizing Equipment

All-steel Radial Giant Tire Building Machine

1.Main uses

Used for manufacturing giant all-steel radial tires.


LCZ-G51, LCZ-G57

3.Main features

▲Finger-type wrapping assembly uses advanced structure for fully bending thick steel wire without gas entrapment.

▲Head of main shaft uses mobile rapid holding stand to avoid large radial movements when banding and main shaft lapping.

▲Has magnetic transfer ring to deliver feed to decrease local deformation of band.

▲Molding drum has removable card disk, dynamic seal, and multiple intake for reliable positioning and seal of tire embryo and for rapid molding.

▲Lining feed uses multi-block cross-docking to solve lining single width problem.

▲Tire casing fitting drum uses servo motor and ball screw drive for more accurate mobile position in axial direction in implementing accurate multi-block cross-docking of lining.

▲Has operator-machine interface with step sequence instructions, program monitor, fault diagnosis, parameter modification, storage and calling of parameters of various types for accurate molding process controls.


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