Tire Vulcanizing Equipment

Three-drum All-steel Radial Truck Tire Building Machine


For one-time forming of all-steel radial truck tires.

2. Tire Type


3. Capacity: 90 - 100 strips/shift

4. Controls

Mitsubishi Q series PLC, mobile CPU, CC-LINK fieldbus, and SSCENT servo system; can also use Siemens, AB, Rexroth, or other PLC and bus form, depending on customer’s needs.

5. Main Features and Technical Parameters

▲Molding drum: mechanical down assembly, servo motor control.

▲Tire casing drum: servo motor control, accurate, stable speed, position, vacuum absorb.

▲Belt drum: servo motor control.

▲Tire casing transfer ring: servo motor drive, linear guide positioning, synchronous belt transmission.

▲Belt transfer ring: servo motor drive, ball screw transmission.

▲Feed frame: various, consisting of relevant unwinding, centering device, automatic length set, cutting and fitting device.


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