Tire Vulcanizing Equipment

Three-drum One-time Semi-steel Tire Building Machine

This machine consists of a main body, tire casing feed frame, belt feed frame, tread feed frame, crown strap feed frame, and electronic control system and can manufacture 14''-18″, 15''-20″ semi-steel radial tires.   


Main Body


Tire Casing Feed Frame


Tread Feed Frame


Belt Feed Frame


Crown Strap Feed Frame

Technical Features:

1、This is a fully automatic tire-building machine that needs only one person to operate, with a single tire cycle of less than 100 seconds.

2、It has in-machine composition of sidewall/ lining, with ultrasonic cutting and automatic length set of composite material.

3、The modular design of semi-finished reel feeding method increases reel spool diameter and decreases refueling time.

4、It uses several highly accurate CCD centering systems to ensure accurate fitting of material.

5、It works with CNC laser marking device for automatic step sequence adjustment of molding process.

6、It works with ultrasonic cutter to improve cutting and fitting process of semi-finished products.

7、It works with equipment touch screen for process parameter settings, program editing, status display, automatic fault diagnosis, and network management.

8、The electronic control system uses top PLC and mobile module and servo motor controls and can transmit data via the Ethernet or CANOPEN network, with simple wiring and fast communication functions and has better anti-jamming performance.

9、This equipment has highly efficient molding, simple type replacement, and easy maintenance.

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