Tire Vulcanizing Equipment

GRM Link-Network Control System of Tire Curing Presses

Tire Curing Press Network Control System GRM Link is an intelligent monitoring, management, and information site for the tire curing process for better performance and stability,via the use of Ethernet technology, advanced data collection and data management technologies. The Ethernet is the backbone of the system, which has three layers: bottom network, master network, and information and application management network.


Functions and features of the system:

▲It combines a number of new technologies into one, with functions, technical performance, and safety standards all at the advanced level.

▲It can be used with the Ethernet, DH+, PROFIBUS、Controller Link、CC-Link and other industrial networks, depending on customers' needs.

▲It has all functions of GRM Touch-the curing press monitoring software, such as the following:

  ●real-time curing data, curves, and production data;

  ●historical curve, production, down-time, alarm, and operations log inquiries;

  ●curing components settings, process selection, delay parameters, encoder parameters, PID adjustment parameters, and alarm parameters;

  ●a perfect alarm system with a prominent alarm display and recording functions;

  ●efficient reporting of statistical inquiry function.

▲It can connect with company office LAN computers directly and implement centralized curing press controls based on different users and operators.

▲It has strong data maintenance functions and redundancy that handles highly demanding stability needs to ensure the integrity of data acquisition and processing.

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