Tire Vulcanizing Equipment

Mechanical Curing Press Series

· From the 1050 model(40.5")to the 5000(200").

· Three beam motion types: vertical tilt-back; vertical, slide-back; completely vertical.

· Heating methods: platen and steam dome?

· Central body types: B、C、RIB; ring seat structure include integral type and welded type.

· Loader drive approaches: chain drive; hydraulic drive; screw drive.

· Loader claws: long; short; median.

· Unloader: vertical upward tilting; sickle; wishbone.

· The centring of manipulator and central body uses a guide thimble that comes in three types.

· Flipping forms of post-inflation beam: electric; and hydraulic.



说明: http://www.glrmf.com/grmUploadFiles/2010122910747258.jpg 

说明: http://www.glrmf.com/grmUploadFiles/20101229101025990.jpg 

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