Tire Vulcanizing Equipment

Tread Adsorption and Tumbling Extraction Device

Type: TMXF—3700/30-A

Technical Parameters:

1. Tread length: 2300-3700 mm

2. Tread width: 170-410 mm

3. Tread weight: 7-34 kg

4. Tread adsorption/tumbling extraction length variation: ±1 mm

5.Tread position accuracy: ±5 mm

6. Operating cycle: ≤12s

7. Linear speed of collecting roll up-tread: ≤45 m/min

8. Page width of collecting tread transfer carts: 900 mm

9. Car width of collecting tread transfer carts: 1190 mm

10. Length of collecting tread transfer carts: 4100 mm

11. Top layer height of collecting tread transfer carts: 2600 mm

12. Bottom layer height of collecting tread transfer carts:41mm

13. Open angle of transfer carts plate: 58 degree

14. Single layer tread number of collecting tread transfer carts: 2-3 strips   


General motions involved in tread production line extraction device in the tire tread extrusion process: a cylinder drive swing frame fixed on the extraction device raise the tread when it reaches a fixed position; tread slides off production line along the swing frame incline, then tumbles 180 degrees and is put on the collecting tread transfer carts by workers. But, there are two obvious problems: first, the production line speed is generally 3-5 strips/min, which means it is labor intensive (pick up, tumble, put on transfer carts) 3-5 times/min; second, that motion could increase tread rejection rate, since the force put on the two sides is not equal and deformation, such as stretching distortion is hard to control.

The tread adsorption and tumbling extraction device is automatic production from the collecting roller table to the transfer carts, in line with the requirements of continuous production and lower labor intensity.



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