Tire Vulcanizing Equipment

Inner Liner Production Auxiliary Line


Uses: for fitting, cooling, and coiling the lining single rubber sheet.

Components: consists of fitting device, cooling device, double-station coiling device, correcting device, and electronic control system; each uses inverter to adjust speed; cooling device has nine cooling rollers; three-speed adjustable ensure rubber sheet non-stretching during cooling.

Main Technical Parameters

Rubber sheet width

Max.800 mm

Linear speed

Max.30 m/min

Coiling cord diameter

Max.600 mm

Main power supply

AC 380 V 50 Hz

Control power supply

AC 220 V 50 Hz DC 24 V

Air pressure

Max.7 kg/cm3

Recycled water

Flow rate 1/2 m2/min

  Temp 25 C ±5 C

Coiling temp

≤40 C


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